Frequently Asked Questions + Information

Everything I create is handmade and unique! Each piece is either thrown on my wheel or hand built. Then I trim, add designs and pull/attached a handle. Most pieces will have either carved or raised designs, or both. Once the ware is air dried, I fire it in my kiln for the first time which results in a bisque fired piece. I then add several layers of glaze, usually multiple glazes on a single piece, and it fires again for another day. After the glaze firing is complete, I apply a metallic luster and fire in the kiln yet again. Then entire process takes several weeks to complete a small batch. My restocks are typically 40-50 pieces (working towards larger releases 😉). Ceramics is a slow, temperamental art form. Please realize I work as much as I can to create as many pieces as I can. However, I simply cannot meet the demand. AND THAT IS OK! I ask for your patience and understanding. Thank you for wanting to support my art! 


IF THERE ARE NO ITEMS LISTED FOR SALE, I AM SOLD OUT. You can sign up to be notified of the next release on the home page.

 How do I order? 

The only way to purchase my work is during a restock. I release new work about once a month. 
How do restocks work?
  • About once a month, I will announce the date and time of the next restock. Restock information can always be found on the top of my homepage or in my bio on Instagram
  • Restocks tend to sell out very quickly! Most items sell in the first 1-2 minutes. 
  • Because the sale moves extremely quick, you should checkout my Instagram stories or preview highlight, about 24 hours before the scheduled restock. Previews allow you to view items before the sale goes live.
  • Carts DO NOT hold/reserve items. Most likely the item is in several other carts at the same time. Whoever completes checkout first will receive an order email confirmation and the item.
  • If you place multiple orders, I will combine orders and refund extra shipping (if it is possible to do so).
How do I sign up for restock emails?
On the bottom of most pages, you will see "RESTOCK ALERT EMAILS" and you can sign up there. This email is usually sent out about 24-36 hours before the update. It will remind you of the time of the upcoming release, and let you know that previews have been uploaded to Instagram stories/preview highlight. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RECEIVE AN EMAIL TO ORDER. The email is simply a reminder. Essentially, it is up to you to set an alarm for the release. 
•Do you take custom/special/pre- orders? 
•Do you sell wholesale? 

•Can I reserve/hold items? 


Can I see what will be available before you restock?

Yes. I show previews of each piece on instagram stories about 24 hours prior to releasing. They may also be saved to the "Previews" highlight. You can follow along @seagoat.ceramics

You haven't replied to my DM / email / comment! 

Due to the volume of messages and comments I receive, I simply cannot answer or reply to every one. If your question can be answered here in the FAQ section, I most likely will not reply. If the answer to your comment can be found in the caption of the post, I most likely will not reply. Please take time to read the information already provided. If your question isn't answered here in the FAQ or in the post caption, try sending an email. Comments and DMs tend to get buried.

How much does ... cost?
Prices vary by size, style, design, glaze, intricacy, ect. It really depends on the item. I use real gold luster which is reflected in my pricing. My prices also reflect my time, energy and skill (as all artists and makers should). Most items are $100+
What payment methods do you accept?
My website accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and ApplePay.
ApplePay is the quickest method. 
There is no way to add/save credit card information to an account before checkout.
Are these microwave safe?
NO. Anything with GOLD/SILVER is NOT microwave safe! Gold luster contain real gold and will throw sparks! Pieces without any metallic finishes are typically microwave safe unless otherwise stated.
Are these dishwasher safe?
NO. I always recommend hand washing handmade ceramics! Use a soft cloth or sponge. Take extra care to avoid abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals, especially on gold/silver/aura finishes. Dishwashers will tarnish and pit metallic finishes. 
Can I burn things in the cauldron? / Are they fire proof?

Ritual cauldrons are intended to hold tools, such sage, palo santo, incense cone, crystals ect. I have not tested or certified these as fire proof. If you choose to burn herbs ect in your cauldron, you do so at your own risk. Ceramic is fairly heat resistant, but you can add a layer of soil, sand or salt inside to create an added layer of protection. Cauldron may get hot, so always use on a heat resistant surface and do not touch until cooled.

Can I create an account?

You can! Here's the link

There is no way to add/save credit card information to your account before checkout.

When will my order ship?

Most orders are processed & shipped out within 3 business days. Orders including made to order items, such as candles, typically require 3-5 additional business days. Items will ship out together once all items are ready for shipment.

Do you ship to...? How much?
I am located in the US. I ship world wide*! *(EXCLUDING UK. Due to new tax/vat policies I am no longer able to ship to the UK). 
I do not calculate theoretical shipping costs for you. I simply do not have the time and there are too many variables. 
How much is shipping?
Shipping is calculated during checkout. Shipping is affected by location, weight, box size & shipping service. Due to all the variables, I am unable to provide shipping quotes.
•Shipping ceramics can be expensive.
•I do not offer "free" or discounted shipping.
•I refund significant shipping charge overages.
•I combine shipping multiple orders if I can safely do so. 
•International orders typically ship USPS or DHL. DHL can be very expensive and requires a signature for delivery, but is typically the fast option. 
International orders -
•Due to new tax/vat policies I am no longer able to ship to the UK.
•You may be responsible for taxes, customs, import fees, ect. when your package arrives in your country. This is your responsibility.
•I will not lie or alter customs forms. Please do not ask. 
Why does it seem like you are always sold out? 
It seems that way because I am! Ceramics is a slow process. It takes me weeks to create enough items for a decent size restock. When I have a restock,  items tend to sell out extremely fast.


    What is the time zone, time difference?

    My restocks happen in Eastern Time. You can google it or use this link here - set one side to Eastern Time! 


    Returns / Exchanges / Cancellations 

    I do not accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final.

    If you need to cancel your order, you may do so within 24 hours of purchasing.

    I reserve the right to refuse any/all future orders.

    Returned Package / Unclaimed Package / HELP! My package is going back to you! What do I do?

    This is very rare, as I'm sure you are waiting at the door for your package to arrive, but sometimes shit happens. If you actively track your package you can typically avoid it being sent back! Just be aware and proactive about it! All orders are sent with tracking information. It is your responsibility to track your package.

    There are a few reasons why this may happen. Was your shipping address correct? I do not alter shipping address unless you have emailed me asking me to do so. Shipping labels print exactly what you entered at checkout. You might need to pick up your package from the distribution center and/or pay import fees. If you do not do so in a timely manner the shipping service will send your package back to me. These are just common examples.

    If your package is returned back to me (i.e. package refusal/ failure to pay duties ect.) - I will refund you the cost of the item(s) less the shipping charges and a 20% restocking fee.

    There is a 20% restocking fee on all returned items. 

    If the item breaks on the way back to me you will not be refunded.


    Damages / Mail Theft 

    I package extremely well! But, in the unfortunate event your package arrives damaged in transit, please contact the postal service as soon as possible. Keep all packaging and take photos as they will most likely require these things from you. Claims must be received by postal service in a timely manner, or you may not be eligible to file a claim.

    You must contact me within 48 hours of delivery if there is a problem with your order.

    I send a tracking number with every order! Please monitor your tracking. I can not be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.



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