Frequently Asked Questions + Information

How to Purchase

Ceramics is a slow process. This means I release new work every 6-8 weeks or so. It's a good idea to sign up for my email list or keep a sharp eye on social media posts for restock updates!

  • How do I order?

The only way to purchase my work is on this website.

  • How do restocks work?

I announce the time and date of the next restock on social media and update the website banner - usually about a week in advance, but not always 🙃

About 24 hours before the restock, I upload video previews of the items to IG and FB stories. TIP: Take this time to look over the pieces and maybe narrow down your favorites before the shop goes live!

Plan to be online a couple minutes early. The website will automaticlly populate the listings at release time! (The time things actually appear can vary slightly due to website traffic)

The website works like a normal shopping website. Things just tend to sell out quickly! 🥰

  • A few notes:

Restocks tend to sell out very quickly! Most items sell in the first 1-2 minutes. 

Carts DO NOT hold/reserve items. Items can be in multiple carts at once. Whoever completes checkout first will receive an order email confirmation and the item.

If you want multiple items I recommend checking out one at a time. You will have a better chance of getting something! I will combine and refund shipping on multiple orders if possible!

ApplePay is the fastest checkout in my experience!

  • What is the time zone / time difference?

My restocks happen in Eastern Time. You can google it or use this link here - set one side to Eastern Time! 

  • How do I sign up for restock emails?

On the bottom of most pages, you will see a section titled "sign up to be notified" - you can sign up there!

Restock emails are usually sent out about 24 hours before the sale goes live. It let's you know what time the site goes live and when previews are avaliable.

NOTE: if you sign up for the email after the email has been sent you will not recieve the previous email. You will be signed up for future emails though!

  • Can I reserve/hold items before the sale? 

No. To keep it simple, items are sold to whoever completes check out first.

  • Can I create an account?

You can! Here's the link

Sold out?!

  • Why does it seem like you are always sold out? / Why is the page blank?

The website is empty because I am sold out.

I'm always working on my next batch of creations but simply cannot meet the demand. This is actually pretty freakin amazing! You guys are the reason I get to continue making art! HUGE THANK YOU! 🥰

I recommend signing up for the email list to be notified of future sales!

  • I'm so sad/mad/frustrated - I quit trying!

I know it can be disappointing to miss out. Trust me. I've been there. The excitement of waiting for your favorite piece and boom. sold out. 😭 It sucks.

Please know I am sorry and, I understand! I am always working on creating new work. I have started offering pre-orders from time to time for those on my email list to help ease the pain of missing out. Even if you decide to never try again, its ok! Thank you for wanting to support my art!


  • Are these dishwasher safe?

No! To keep your ware nice and shiny ✨ please handwash only! Gold luster requires gentle handling to prolong it's lovely finish.

Avoid rough and abrasive surfaces and harsh soaps. Luster will tarnish or dull in dishwasher 😭 don't do it!

  • Are these microwave safe?

No! Anything with gold/silver luster is not microwave safe!

  • Can I burn things in the cauldron? / Are they fire proof?

Ritual cauldrons are intended to hold tools, such sage, palo santo, incense cone, crystals ect. I have not tested or certified these as fire proof. If you choose to burn herbs ect in your cauldron, you do so at your own risk. 

Ceramic is fairly heat resistant but, if you are going to burn things in your cauldron anyway.. you can add a layer of soil, sand or salt inside to create an added layer of protection. Cauldron may get hot, so always use on a heat resistant surface and do not touch until fully cooled.


Pre-order / Wholesale / Custom Orders

  • Pre-orders

I've starting offering limited pre-orders to my email list! If you'd like to know when I offer more pre-order spots sign up for emails at the bottom of this page 💌

  • Wholesale / Custom Orders

Sorry! I do not offer wholesale or custom orders at this time.


  • Do you ship to...?

I ship worldwide! (excluding UK 😢 Due to new tax/vat policies I am no longer able to ship to the UK - maybe this will change one day if someone can explain it to meee?).

  • How long before my order ships?

Most orders are packaged & shipped out within 1 week. Orders including candles, typically require 3-5 additional business days. For pre-order items please reference the item listing page.

Items purchased together will ship out together once all items are ready for shipment.

  • How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated during checkout. Shipping is affected by location, weight, box size & shipping service.

Due to all the variables, I am unable to provide shipping quotes.

  • I ordered multiple items. Can you combine shipping and refund me?

Usually, yes! I combine orders if it is reasonable to do so. It takes alot to make sure your items are carefully packaged for transit. Your items arriving safe is the goal! Shipping overages more than $5 USD are refunded.

  • What shipping service do you use?

Nearly all orders ship via USPS. Some international orders may ship DHL. DHL can be very expensive and generally requires a signature for delivery, but is typically the fastest option.

  • International orders -

You may be responsible for taxes, customs, import fees, ect. when your package arrives in your country. This is your responsibility.

I know the fees can be expensive but, please do not ask me to alter customs forms or mark items as a gift. I don't want any trouble 👿

  • Returned Package / Unclaimed Package / HELP! My package is being sent back! What do I do?

There are a few reasons why this may happen. Is your shipping address correct? I do not alter shipping address unless you have emailed asking me to do so (please send address change requests via the order confirmation email only!)

You might need to pick up your package from the distribution center and/or pay import fees. If you do not do so in a timely manner the shipping service will send your package back to me. These are just common examples.

All orders are sent with tracking information. It is your responsibility to track your package.

If your package is returned back to me (i.e. package refusal/ failure to pay duties ect.) - I will refund you the cost of the item(s) minus the shipping charges. Shipping is non-refundable. Should you wish to have your order re-shipped an additional postage charge will be invoiced to you for payment prior to shipping.

Prices / Payments

  • How much does ... cost?

Short answer - Most items are $150-$300 USD.

Longer answer - Alot more goes into pricing than you might think! There's the more obvious aspects like size, style, design, glaze, intricacy, ect.

There's also the lesser realized aspects such as raw material costs, shipping of materials costs 🤑, kiln, equipment, tools and electricity costs. That fancy real gold luster ✨ (the takes money to make money part!)

And the even more often overlooked (and usually under valued) parts like accounting for time, energy, skill, research/development and continual education.

Turning a ball of clay into a functional art piece requires alot from alot, but it's worth it IMO 😌

  • What payment methods do you accept?

My website accepts major credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay and ShopPay. ApplePay is the quickest method in my experience.

There is no way to add/save credit card information to an account before checkout.

Contacting - DMs, Comments, Emails

  • You haven't replied to my DM / email / comment! 

Oh hii 👋 Due to the volume of messages and comments I receive, I am unable to personally reply to everyone. I would be glued to the computer for hours 😅 when I'd rather be making more mud magic for y'all 🥰 Sooo I created this FAQ page to help answer your most common questions. It's the next best thing!

  • I have a question about my order...

If you have a message about your order please send an email (including your order number!) - DMs are not reliable and are easy to miss!

About Seagoat Ceramics

Hi! I'm Chryssa. I do all the things here.

Everything I create is handcrafted making each piece unique to it's own. The majority of my work is wheel thrown. After a piece is thrown it is then trimmed, designed, handled and air dried. Then I transport everything to be bisque fired. Once the first fire is completed, I rinse and sand the pieces. Then wax and prep for glazing. After glazing the wares are taken back to the studio to be glaze fired. After the glaze fire is completed, they are transported back home where I apply gold luster and pack them back up for a third and final kiln firing! If that sounds like a lot of work.. it is! There are also countless other steps omited from above and an entire other list of things to do before they eventually end up in your hands. It's a rewarding process, albeit a very long one 🙃

Currently my work is fired at my friend's studio here in Maine. Here's to hoping 2023 means I have my own kiln and full studio again! 🤞


If you have other questions you can contact me by email :